Press release: An exciting alliance has been born today

This is the press release we put out yesterday at about 1:30 while the march was still under way.

Press Release from Put People First

28/3/09 – immediate

Statement by Glen Tarman, Chair of the Put People First co-ordination team.

“Today’s march has brought thousands of people together from more than 150 organisations drawn from a huge range of development, union, faith and environmental groups.

“More than a thousand have joined the march from a huge ecumenical church service led by the Bishop of London.

“Similar events have taken place in towns and cities across the globe.

“All have been united by the clear message that the G20 leaders at their summit next week cannot go back to business as usual. They must take action for jobs, to stop climate chaos and to fight poverty and inequality throughout the world.

“But today’s march is not the end of our campaign, but the start. The UK holds the chair of the G20 group for the rest of this crucial year when the G8, the G20 and the United Nations all meet to chart a way through the recession. And 2009 ends with the vital Copenhagen climate conference.

“An exciting alliance has been born today. We will keep up the pressure on world leaders and the UK government to address our demands and put people first.”

March 29th, 2009 TUC

  1. Kate Robinson
    March 30th, 2009 at 19:43 | #1

    What an opportunity we, the ordinary people, the citizens, have now. I was moved and energised by the Put People First march and it was great to be in London and see so many people politicised. Is it possible for all these disparate groups to come together -not just to criticise the current political system – but to offer something positive and constructive in its place? How can we harness and ally all these groups and create a new world vision?

    I am excited, but unsure where we go next?

  2. ahmmedd younis
    March 31st, 2009 at 05:48 | #2

    Post this date on your calendars! April 6, 2009 there will be a GENERAL STRIKE AND DAY OF RAGE against Egyptian Mubarak capitalistic dictatorship. All Comrades world wide, let’s join in our struggle to spread the news everywhere! Encourage the people to join the strike! Organize a protest in front of Egyptian Embassy! What ever you can do, JUST DO IT! Spread this message now! We must be able to count on each other and support one another! Now is the time! NOW IS OUR CHANCE!

    We are doing this strike because We need salaries allowing us to live, we need to work, we want our children to get education, we need human transportation means, we want hospitals to get treatment, we want medicines for our children, we need just judiciary, we want security, we want freedom and dignity, we want apartments for youth, we want a better environment ; We don’t want prices increase, we don’t want favoritism, we don’t want police in plain clothes, we don’t want torture in police stations, we don’t want corruption, we don’t want bribes, we don’t want detentions. We don’t want privatization, we don’t want another 25 years of emergency law, we don’t want forged elections, and we want a fair distribution of wealth, we WANT THE REMOVAL OF MUBARAK FROM POWER, WE WANT A BETTER FUTURE TO OUR CHILDREN

    Please write me back for more details and join our day of rage thank for reading

    Yours Ahmed
    Write back to and

    Your struggle in London is also our struggle we wish we were with you good luck and you can support us in anti g20 rallies they have to put people first

  3. Sandra Surrey
    March 31st, 2009 at 13:42 | #3

    The “Put People First” march has inspired me. This was my first march and I was privileged to be a part of something good. The alliance today by so few for the cries of so many silent suffers can only ignite the path to change for both the developed and developing countries. Not simply to reinvent colonialism under the guise of the benevolent father but through continued education and the creating of opportunities for honest and free trade to the other nations. This change of course must begin with me. How do I manage the resources in my sphere of influence?. I can only re-echo what someone else has said, the persistent prayer (asking, seeking and knocking) of a just man will get God’s attention. The way forward must be under the leadership of the Creator of this universe. For those who read the Bible, the principles of Isaiah 45 : 2 & 3 was the reading I received before I set out on the march.

    Thank you

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