Put People First reaction to the London Summit

Put People First press release 2 March 2009

Glen Tarman of BOND, chair of Put People First, said:

“The G20 appears to have made progress on some critical issues but there are also missed opportunities, especially on building a green economy, and causes for real concern in other areas. G20 leaders have not yet gone far enough on the fundamental changes the world needs.

“Our campaign for jobs, justice and climate has clearly made some impact, but three big tests remain:

  • Will the G20, the UN and the Copenhagen climate conference do far more to break from the failed policies that brought about the global crisis?
  • Will governments agree a comprehensive package of policies that will deliver a new financial architecture and ensure the world emerges from the global recession as a fairer and green place?
  • Where there are positive words today, will they be turned into action tomorrow?

“Put People First – and campaigners all around the world – will continue to make the case for change throughout this critical year. Wherever world leaders go to discuss these issues they will hear the voices of ordinary people demanding change.”

Put People First is an unprecedented alliance of 160 unions, development, faith and climate change groups. More than 35,000 people marched through central London on Saturday under the Put People First banner to demand jobs, justice and climate.

Notes to editors:

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April 2nd, 2009 TUC

  1. April 2nd, 2009 at 19:07 | #1

    There are still issues to overcome ,We do feel that a great deal of revenue is spent on War and not defense.In the last year 32billion pounds has been spent on war.War is certainly not green iether !
    We would also like to see more financial help for the poorer members of our society who feel trapped in poverty with no hope of ever moving forward.

  2. Graziella de cocatrix
    August 24th, 2009 at 23:03 | #2

    I have no time to make my own message and am not english-speaking.

    I would like to sign your Petition but don’t find it, .. a pity ! !

    Anyway … this system is a a killer one : I know poverty and misery, having been living in so many countries of the South. In Argentina : 40% of poor people now and every one is afraid to be attacked.
    If you don’t work to reduce poverty drasticly, in a near future this will be an arm against you (of many kinds)and rich people will never more live quite : you will pay all this human shame.
    And the “ever more profit” filosophy + consumism are leading to the end of human race + of our world.
    I feel ashamed of this kind of human beings.

    Graziella de Cocatrix, Swiss living in Argentina

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